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Healthcare Administration (concentration)

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Program Description

To build a successful career in business, you need to start with a solid foundation. As one of Southern New Hampshire University's most popular programs, the online Bachelor of Science (BS) in Business Administration program focuses on developing these fundamental skills to help students become successful entrepreneurial thinkers and decision-makers. From interpersonal skills to strategic problem solving and operational principles, this program gives students the tools they'll need to succeed in a wide variety of fast paced business environments.

Take the first step towards a rewarding career in one of the fastest-growing industries with a specialized online BS in Business Administration with a concentration in Healthcare Administration.

Healthcare is a booming industry. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of healthcare occupations is projected to grow 15% through 2029 – adding about 2.4 million new jobs. As the aging population continues to grow, so does the need for educated healthcare leaders who can help plan, direct and coordinate health services and improve patient care.

This program helps students build a foundation in business with an added focus in healthcare. Coursework covers topics such as healthcare delivery systems, reimbursement, ethics, quality management, and research and evaluation methods. SNHU's healthcare business administration program prepares you for a variety of roles, such as community health manager, health policy analyst, health promotion specialist, health services manager and medical services administrator.

Eligible students can transfer up to 90 equivalent university credits toward their 120-credit SNHU degree to earn a degree up to 75% faster. Learn more about how you can graduate faster and save money here.

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Program Objectives

Become prepared to implement and manage efficient business administration practices in a healthcare setting.

Bachelor of Business Administration with a specialization in Healthcare Administration subjects include:
  • General Education subjects (42 credits): The General Education program covers critical topics to each students' academic and career success. Through exploring topics in information literacy, global perspectives, language and critical thinking, all undergraduate students will develop higher-order skills to impress employers and empower them to be active global citizens. Subject areas can include English Composition, Mathematics, Science, Technology, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Fine Arts and Humanities, and Interdisciplinary Studies.
  • Business Core subjects (30 credits): Financial Accounting, Managerial Accounting, Business Law, Managing and Leading in Business, Critical Business Skills for Success, Driving Business Opportunities, Principles of Finance, Global Dimensions in Business, Applied Marketing Strategies & People, Planet and Profit.
  • Healthcare Administration specialization subjects (15 credits): Healthcare Economics, Healthcare Delivery Systems, Healthcare Reimbursement, Ethical and Legal Considerations of Healthcare & Healthcare Quality Management.
  • Free Elective subjects (33 credits): Elective subjects allow undergraduate students to pursue other areas of interest and graduate with a well-rounded education.

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Available Concentrations


Learn how to apply accounting, finance, human resources, management and marketing knowledge to your budding startup by earning a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in Entrepreneurship. While big business is shrinking, small businesses are expanding. In fact, small businesses now make up almost half of the private workforce, according to the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA). In SNHU's entrepreneurship program, you'll gain the expertise you need to make your future business venture successful in our focused small business management courses. If you're ready to learn the ins and outs of building a new company, this degree program, and career path, could be the right fit for you.


The online Bachelor of Business Administration concentration in Finance provides an overview of financial management for both organizations and individuals. Corporations in every industry seek employees who understand the complex economic activity and demands facing all firms to take a bottom-line perspective. The program prepares students with knowledge of financial planning strategies and investment channels, empowering them to analyze quantitative and qualitative data to address a variety of financial scenarios. Students are introduced to the world of corporate finance to examine its effects on financial planning, decision-making, exchange rate volatility, international risks and macroeconomic fluctuations.

Industrial Organizational Psychology

Southern New Hampshire University's online Bachelor of Science (BS) in Business Administration with a concentration in Industrial Organizational Psychology goes beyond the typical psychology degree. It explores how human behavior relates to organizational goals, and it offers strategies that can help you build an effective workplace and productive business. This specialized concentration is perfect for students looking for a degree that blends their love of business with psychology.

International Business

Drive business beyond borders with an online Bachelor's in Business Administration with a concentration in International Business. In an increasingly globalized society, this specialized degree can give you the foundation you need to understand and appeal to multinational markets. This program prepares students to contribute to the management and decision-making of national and international organizations. Students apply international, real-world business concepts and theories to explore management processes and strategies to address multinational business challenges.

This program is accredited by educational authorities in the United States of America.

Information about Southern New Hampshire University accreditation can be found on the About SNHU page.

Students interested in studying in the US can learn more about the international student experience. Students interested in enrolling in other US-based online degree programs can learn more about the online student experience.

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