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Program Description

With an increasing reliance on technology and web-based solutions for all aspects of life, businesses and individuals are now more vulnerable than ever to cybercrime. SNHU’s Master of Science in Cyber Security prepares students to protect against the increasing cyber security risks, stay current with rapidly changing technologies and understand compliance requirements essential to organizations in any sector.

This unique program not only gives you the technical skills to defend against cyber crime, but you will also learn to manage the design, oversight and assessment of security with a special focus on the human element of information security. Our career-focused MS in Cyber Security will focus on five key areas to ensure competence:
  1. Information security governance
  2. Information security risk and compliance
  3. Information security program creation and management
  4. Information security incident response and business continuity
  5. Leadership, collaboration and communication

If you have a passion for technology and want to make a real difference in the information age, this program is designed to help you learn to protect the confidentiality, availability and integrity of data while developing organizational risk mitigation strategies. Graduates will be prepared for a wide range of careers as managers, analysts, developers or administrators in the information security and assurance field.

Our Differentiators

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  En línea y 100% en español
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En línea y 100% en español  
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Our industry informed curriculum, lead by experts with real-world experience in the field will ensure you are able to:

  • Assess information security policies and strategies for planning, preparing and responding to critical threats in a manner aligned with cyber security standards
  • Develop risk management plans for conducting risk assessment and managing the identified risk to align with the needs of internal and external parties in addition to vested stakeholders
  • Develop strategic information security plans and establish policies to guide decision-making, aligned with national and international standards and practices
  • Use leadership strategies for ethical behavior, tech standards and to lead with emerging trends for advancing strategic goals within multi-functional cyber security teams
  • Enhance collaboration through using interpersonal communication skills and establishing communication processes to meet the needs of internal and external stakeholders.

Available Concentrations

No available concentrations for this program.

This program is accredited by educational authorities in the United States of America.

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