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What is Accreditation in the US and Why Does It Matter
What is Accreditation in the U.S. & Why Does It Matter?

Choosing the right university or college can be complex. You want the best possible education, but how can you be sure that you’re choosing a legitimate, high quality university? Accreditation is one key factor to consider as you evaluate which university is right for you. 

Read on to learn more about what accreditation in the U.S. means, why it matters that your university or college is accredited, and how to confirm that they actually are.

5 Things Ive Learned from SNHUs MBA Program
5 Things I’ve Learned from SNHU’s MBA Program

Written by a SNHU MBA graduate, July 2021

For sixteen months, I worked towards an MBA from SHNU. Through my studies, I developed a diverse range of skills and learned many valuable lessons about business, economics, law, government and financial management. Delving deep into these topics in my discussion posts in my virtual classrooms and essays has informed what I consider to be the top five most important things I learned in business school and carry with me into my career.