The importance of leadership in today’s corporate world

Thursday, December 28, 2023

The importance of leadership in todays corporate world

Strong leadership allows organizations to stand out and survive. Effective leaders know how to direct a group to take advantage of all its strengths in order to achieve their objectives.

From birth, some people manifest characteristics of natural leaders such as empathy, intuition, the ability to socialize and for others to follow them. As they develop, they may acquire certain knowledge that strengthens the characteristics of being a leader. But, beyond this, it is essential to know the importance of leadership and what its advantages are. 

First of all, we must understand - what is leadership? It is about the ability to generate extraordinary behavior in ordinary people, which allows the leader to gain collaborators who want to follow them to share their vision. Strong leadership is essential for any company, large or small. 

Why is leadership important? 

In the book Administration: A Global Perspective (2004), the American organizational theorist Harold Koontz explains that leadership “is important, as it is the ability of a boss to guide and direct. An organization can have adequate planning and control, and not survive for lack of an appropriate leader. Therefore, it is crucial that the leader trains and develops all of his or her skills.” 

In other words, leadership is important because it is an essential element for the survival of any type of organization. But it is also relevant because it guides, directs and motivates the team to stay in order, execute actions and achieve the established objectives.

Depending on how it is developed, leadership can affect its context and is even capable of achieving true social transformation. That is why its function transcends the business scenario to reach communities and societies since it plays a determining role in any area where there are several individuals who could use guidance. 

By efficiently executing leadership, environments are generated where harmony prevails, this simplifies the development of tasks and maximizes the potential of each member of a team. This is achieved by promoting respect and communication, in addition to considering the skills, knowledge and competencies of each person, to place them in the right place. 

Advantages of leadership 

Considering that the leader does not take advantage of or abuse their team and instead uses their leadership skills and charisma to empower each member, they actually become an inspiring character. An inspiring leader provides a slew of advantages that favor the dynamics of any type of company. Great leaders are proven to: 

  • Generate a harmonious and cordial work environment. 
  • Promote teamwork. 
  • Establish and improve collaborative ties between team members. 
  • Improve results. 
  • Help achieve the proposed objectives. 
  • Promote spaces for effective communication. 
  • Improve personal and group productivity. 
  • Increase member participation, highlighting each member's potential. 
  • Promote team motivation.
  • Encourage participation in decision making. 
  • Promote a sense of belonging in each member. 
In order to truly be effective, the leader must participate as a member of the team, regardless of the type of leadership they possess. In this way, a leader remains in a collaborative position. This is the key aspect of leadership that helps organizations succeed.

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