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  • The United States Department of Education maintains a database of University and College acceditation statuses.  You will find that database Here
  • The direct link to Southern New Hampshire University's accreditation status is Here

There are many benefits to pursuing an online program. SNHU believes in an accessible education that adapts to students' schedules, so that they can achieve their goals by managing their own time. 

Programs offered in India outside of the United States provide the opportunity to obtain a United States degree, without the need to move or acquire a student visa. 

Our online platform allows each student to personalize the college experience according to their own lifestyle and to work at their own pace. 

Also, SNHU's curriculum - and the projects and tools that will be worked on during each subject - are career-focused and designed to be relevant in today's global workforce.

At Southern New Hampshire University, studying 'online' means studying the same high-quality content and programs without having to travel to campus or attend face-to-face classes. The programs offered online in India have the same study plan and rigor as the face-to-face programs (on campus), providing you with flexibility to manage your own schedules and study while you work.

The most important difference between in-person and online learning is online subjects do not 'meet' at a set time, so there is no set time when you need to be in front of your computer. This allows you the flexibility to create your own schedule. You will still interact with faculty and peers, but instead of in-person lectures, it will be through weekly online assignments, discussion boards and informal live sessions known as "Office Hours."

Assignments vary across programs. 

There are different learning activities in each subject, organized weekly, and are accompanied by discussion forums in periods of 8 or 10 weeks depending on the program level (undergraduate or postgraduate). 

Activities may include readings, exercises and specific projects. These projects are often presented as opportunities within students' career areas to help them develop additional professional experience.

Online students are also encouraged to participate in regular “Office Hours” for each subject. Office Hours are informal, live, virtual sessions that allow students to connect with faculty and peers in real time on a regular basis. Topics can include final projects, guest speakers, Q&A sessions, and more.

Online classes do not require face-to-face attendance at any time. That is one of the reasons why many students choose to study online. Each student completes the tasks and assignments each week based on their own schedule, and delivers assignments according to the deadlines set by the faculty member, usually on Thursdays and Sundays in the evening. 

While SNHU’s online courses do not have set meeting times, students have the opportunity to participate in weekly Live Zoon Sessions.  These regularly scheduled live sessions are conducted virtually for each subject a student is taking, and they allow online students to connect with faculty and peers in an informal, real-time format.

All SNHU graduates, both online and on-campus, have access to a variety of benefits exclusive to alumni. Upon graduation, you can sign up for our online alumni community giving you access to:
  • A global alumni directory and social media directory to connect with fellow SNHU alumni around the world
  • SNHU LinkedIn Community Group Handshake - Search job postings or post jobs to attract SNHU graduates to your company 
  • Career webinars Career and internship fairs 
  • Career counseling, mock interviewing and resume review 
  • An event calendar including events such as Homecoming, Global Days of Service and virtual career events 
  • Access all SNHU library resources 

SNHU's online subjects have the same rigor as an in-person or online subject offered in the United States.

Yes. SNHU programs are taught 100% in English.

Refer to the 'Costs' section of the website for the most up-to-date information about tuition costs and expenses.

No, there is no cost to apply for Southern New Hampshire University's online programs in India.

Go to the 'Undergraduate' or 'Postgraduate' section of the website for more information regarding available online programs 

SNHU also offers additional online programs not listed on this site. While primarily designed for learners based in the United States, SNHU’s online programs are open to international students. More details can be found at

Yes. All SNHU programs listed on this site are 100% online. It is not necessary to meet in person or travel to our campus in the United States.

However, if you are interested in studying in the U.S. at SNHU's main campus, visit:

During the application process 
Our Enrollment advisors are available to provide information and support to you throughout the application process. The advisors can share helpful information about Southern New Hampshire University, the online programs offered in India, the application process and any other questions you might have. They are available by phone, email or SMS/WhatsApp +16035076516
While you are a student 
SNHU’s student advisors are available Monday - Friday from 9am - 9pm India Standard Time to provide information and answer any questions you may have in support of your academic journey.

Any individual who is not a resident of the U.S. and is proficient in English (while meeting other degree-specific requirements) is eligible to apply to our programs offered online in India. 

Visit the “Eligibility” section of the website for more information.

Your transcript will not say 'online'.

Your degree certificate will not say ‘online’ anywhere. 

With the exception of your name, program name and date of receipt, all degree certificate for in-person and online learning are exactly the same. The degree certificate for the online programs offered internationally have the University name and details in English.

No. If you meet the eligibility and academic requirements to successfully enroll in one of the postgraduate or undergradate programs, you will be able to study 100% online from your location. You will not be required to travel to the U.S or to have a student visa.

Yes! Southern New Hampshire University [SNHU] is a regionally accredited university in the U.S.   SNHU is accredited by the New England Commission of Higher Education, Inc [NECHE]. All programs offered by SNHU are encompassed by this regional accreditation.  

SNHU’s 300-acre main campus is located along the Merrimack River in Manchester, New Hampshire (one hour from Boston, Massachusetts).  SNHU also has offices in downtown Manchester and in the city’s historic millyard.

No, SNHU is a nonprofit and regionally accredited institution in the U.S. SNHU is a private university, and we rely heavily on private donations, contributions and tuition to provide education that is recognized nationally within the U.S.

  • SNHU's faculty members are experienced leaders in their fields and provide students with real-world knowledge and experience. Faculty members make sure each student has the support and the resources to succeed in their studies and future careers.
  • Contact an admissions advisor to learn more information about SNHU's professors and instructors.

Southern New Hampshire University does accept transfer credits for undergraduate and postgraduate programs offered online in India. Speak to an admissions advisor to learn more about transferring credit toward your SNHU degree.

The subjects at SNHU were designed by instructional specialists, who developed the content and structure of the programs to prepare students to be successful, competent members of the global workplace.

Southern New Hampshire University is a private, nonprofit, U.S. accredited institution with a mission to transform the lives of learners. Our success is defined by our learners’ success. By relentlessly challenging the status quo and providing the best support in higher education, Southern New Hampshire University expands access to education by creating high quality, affordable and innovative pathways to meet the unique needs of each and every learner. 

SNHU currently offers more than 200 programs on campus and online in the United States. Now, by offering online programs and student experiences to international students, we can continue growing new pathways for students to access high quality education in support of our mission.

Yes. For decades, Southern New Hampshire University has welcomed students from around the world to our campus in Manchester, New Hampshire (one hour from Boston). To learn more about on-campus opportunities for both undergraduate and postgraduate students, visit: 

Note: Only students who complete a degree on campus with an F-1 visa are eligible for the Optional Practical Training (OPT) work authorization.

As an SNHU online student you are required to use a computer in your studies. There are minimum hardware required specifications and, in some cases, program specific technical requirements. Computers are necessary to connect with the online learning environment, enrich your learning experience, enhance the interaction with your instructors and classmates and gain access to educational resources such as library databases and other resources from numerous sites. 

Important note: Chromebooks (Chrome OS) and iPads (iOS) do not meet the minimum requirements for coursework at SNHU, nor does the Microsoft Surface RT. These offer limited functionality and do not work with some course technologies. They are not acceptable as the only device you use for coursework. While these devices are convenient and may be utilized for some course functions, they cannot be your primary device.

All online students have the opportunity to visit campus and to celebrate their success during our graduation ceremony weekend. Please refer to your country’s embassy for information about whether a visa is required for you to travel to the U.S. for this occasion. Please note, costs associated with travelling to the SNHU campus are the responsibility of the student.
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