Online MBA Overview

Today’s business environment requires professionals who can quickly adapt to change, strategically assess and manage resources, and solve complex problems involving customers, users, staff, structure, operations and shareholders. Professionals who understand market positioning and can drive teams toward both high-level and day-to-day goals are in high demand.

Learn how to navigate the ups and downs of real-world business environments in a wide variety of industries with SNHU's Master of Business Administration (MBA). The curriculum takes an integrated, practical approach to learning, empowering you to build and complete a thorough, ready-for-market business plan as part of the curriculum. You will benefit from curriculum developed by industry experts and specialized for Indian students, while learning from Indian faculty members who are experts in their fields. Develop all of the in-demand skills for business leaders from the comfort of your home on a schedule that works for you with SNHU's 100% online MBA. 

Why Study Online From India

Getting your MBA means that you can earn a degree from a U.S. accredited university without the costs associated with studying abroad or the logistics of planning a move and getting a visa. SNHU is offering our online programs to students in India to expand access to high-quality higher education.

As a student in the online MBA course, you will get the same quality of content as on-campus and online U.S. students. SNHU’s online programs in India are specifically designed to ensure you can excel in both the domestic and international job markets. Our subjects are led by Indian faculty with experience in the field and apply both relevant data and case studies to give you real-world expertise you can apply immediately.

Transfer Credits, Graduate Faster

If you have completed postgraduate subjects before attending SNHU, you could save time and money by transferring up to 6 equivalent credits toward your 30-credit MBA degree. Learn more about this process and contact an advisor to get started.

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What You’ll Learn

  • Analyze primary and secondary data, using information technology skills and quantitative and qualitative techniques, to solve problems and make strategic decisions
  • Lead and manage work teams in complex and diverse business environments
  • Demonstrate oral and written communication skills to articulate thoughts and ideas in diverse business settings
  • Integrate intercultural, economic, geopolitical and technological knowledge to solve problems in global environments
  • Develop ethical, legal and socially responsible behaviors to make sustainable decisions
  • Create intra- and inter-business opportunities to add value to an organization through the integration, synthesis and application of business practices.

Professional Opportunities

  • Finance manager
  • Director of human resources
  • Business operations manager
  • Marketing specialist

Industry Outlook

With an in-demand credential from an accredited U.S. university, you’ll stand out to organizations looking for future business leaders. Not only does earning an MBA set you up for a wide range of careers in many high-growth industries, but the field also has a great outlook for those looking to begin:

  • According to the QS Jobs & Salary Report, the average salary of MBA graduates in the U.S. is $102,100/year.1
  • Hiring trends are rebounding for MBA graduates. According to the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) research team, 89% of recruiters plan to hire MBA-holders in 2021, close to pre-pandemic levels of 92%.2
  • Over 50% of MBA graduates worldwide are senior managers or board directors.3

1 Top MBA, QS TopMBA.Com Jobs & Salary Trends Report 2018 (Viewed online at on 22 Feb 2023).
2 GMAC, The Impact of COVID-19 on the Hiring of Business School Graduates: Corporate Recruiters Survey 2020 (Viewed online on 22 Feb 2023).
3 Masters Portal, 10 Very Good Reasons to Do an MBA Degree (Viewed Online at on 22 Feb 2023).


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