What makes a successful business administration professional?

Monday, February 26, 2024

What makes a successful business administration professional

A business administration professional must have a variety of interpersonal and tactical skills to be able to carry out their work. Critical skills include leadership, efficiency and effectiveness, as well as a willingness to work as a team, just to name a few characteristics. Learn how to succeed in business administration in this article.

A typical business administration professional has the ability to combine several key skills to manage areas including accounting, operations, sales and marketing. They also need to be able to persevere through economic and social change that inevitably happens within a company and in the market. Southern New Hampshire University’s online Bachelor of Business Administration trains graduates to recommend strategies and create management options based on the collection and investigation of data obtained with the support of current technologies. We provide this training to ensure all students graduate with a competitive, diverse profile to impress employers. 

The Complete Business Administrator Profile

In addition to the ability to manage organizations and their resources, graduates of the Bachelor of Business Administration, and its specializations, stand out for having other skills such as knowledge of efficiency and effectiveness criteria, good communication, leadership, willingness to work as a team, creativity, mathematics and strategic planning. 

Generally, these skills are required in any job offer that is shared in the market. Below we’ve listed out some skills that tend to make up the profiles of a business administration professional and that are necessary to carry out the job: 

  • Understand how companies operate legally, economically and strategically. Know how to build an organization and how an existing one can be transformed, highlighting competitiveness and international vision.
  • Plan based on strategic objectives, considering risk analysis and business opportunities.
  • Face conflicts with the ability to solve them quickly and positively. 
  • Undertake decisions with social responsibility. 
  • Use leadership to motivate staff and work teams, as well as to lead projects. 
  • Develop decision-making criteria and know how to create strategies to respond to business situations. 
  • Have the ability to continuously develop professional skills to reinforce your personal values. 
  • Know how to innovate and apply creativity within all job functions, offering added value to the company. 
A business administration professional has the responsibility of managing economic and material resources, which means they will often hold huge responsibility for business success. For this reason, a successful profile also highlights having strong ethical values to ensure decisions made are in the interest of all involved stakeholders.

Administrative Skills 

As with any area of business, an administration professional needs to hold administrative skills that allow them to focus on attention to detail to anticipate problems and be able to resolve them quickly. 

 These administrative skills can be defined as skills that allow promoting and managing efficiency in a company. They are focused on a series of tasks, such as managing technological tools, organizing, negotiating with suppliers, responding to employee needs and reporting. These are learned through both formal education with practical exercises and experience on the job. 

Companies seek professionals with great administrative skills because they increase productivity and ensure efficiency and precision. In addition to other skills that allow you to increase professional capabilities, such as flexibility, determination and motivation. 

When the business administrator begins to build work experience, it is very necessary that they apply technical knowledge to do his job. As a professional trains, learns and advances in their career, they’re able to build on the skills they started with and begin to specialize in an area of interest. 

Train in the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration at SNHU 

To build a successful career in business, you need to have a solid foundation. Therefore, one of SNHU's most popular programs is the Bachelor of Business Administration, which focuses on developing the skills necessary to turn students into entrepreneurs and decision makers. We offer specializations within this program for you to hone in on an area you’d like to develop unique skills in:
These programs provide students with the tools to work with management strategies, team collaboration, ethical business practices, global business contexts, data-driven strategies, and audience communication tactics. 

Upon completion, graduates will obtain a degree valid in the United States, from a university officially accredited in the U.S. 

If you have decided that business administration is a career for you, you can reach out to an advisor to find out more

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